Sunrock & Russell Yards Made in America - Ditto ( Sunrock's & The Russell Yards East of the Sun X The Russell Yards Love Sunrock -Norwegian Import) 

Our lovely Ditto has joined  Sonateeka Parson Russell Terriers and the Whiteley family (Will, Magdalena and children) in Driffield, England. Ditto is loving life in the UK and doing very well at the shows! Thank you Magdalena for doing such a wonderful job showing him!

Here are some highlights!

Best of Breed at Driffield

RCC at East of England Championship Show

                                                                         Magdalena and Ditto winning Best of Breed!

                                                                              Ditto enjoying the country life in the UK!

Ditto has grown into a beautiful adult!

                                                                Beautiful Ditto-Sunrock & Russell Yards Made in America

Ditto almost 7 months, 14

Ditto almost 7 months, 14" with a natural tail

Ditto has beautiful bone, excellent coat, correct dentition and a nice spannable chest with excellent underline!