CH Sunrock's You Made My Day JE ( CH Sunrock's Make My Day ROM X CH Bowery Goodie Two Shoes JE ROMX)

Diesel-is CLEAR for the following Cerf, Baer, PLL, Hips, Patellas, LOA-carrier-results can be found on the OFA website.

Diesel is our "Big Boy" and a superb athlete! He has raced numerous times in the Purina Incredible Dog Challenge, has won numerous races at the local JRTCA events , is a Junior Earthdog, and now is the loving companion to his new best friend Olivia.

Diesel finished his Championship at 1 year old. Structurally he is a beautiful dog who has aged well. He is the father to our beautiful Sailor, Poppit, Bella, Turbo, DiDi. He has produced excellent front and rear angulation, and beautiful toplines. He is a super smart dog, and one of the fastest parsons I have ever seen! We miss this beautiful boy, but know he is really happy in his new life!